Current Paintings April 2017

24 x 24 Queen Anne’s Lace and Tulip original acrylic and ArtResin, the Artisans, 55 ByWard Market Square
New! 20 x 20 luminous flower garden
24 x 24 Original Tree Painting, Acrylic and high gloss finish, the Artisans ByWard Market
Spring Song, 20 x 20 , the Artisans ByWard Market Square
Winter Daydream 24 x 24 original floral- acrylic and silver leaf with a high gloss topcoat on a cradled wood support, the Artisans, 55 ByWard Market Square
Soft Rain 24 x 24 original mixed media paintings, the Artisans, 55 ByWard Market Square
24 x 48 Silver Leaf and Acrylic contact
Light and Air, 24 x 24 original mixed media at Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville
In the Moment, 24 x 24 original Acrylic and ArtResin, the Artisans, 55 ByWard Market Square
photo 3
Snow Day in Merrickville contact
New! 8 x 36  silver leaf, acrylic and mixed media on canvas “Still Water” just arrived at Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville
Snow Drifts on Frame Lake contact me at

New little Grey Jays, Gray Jays or Whiskey Jacks. However you want to say it small paintings of Canada’s National Bird at the Artisans, 55 ByWard Market Square, Ottawa and Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville.

Land of the Silver Birch, Original Acrylic and Silver leaf Painting 24 x 48 inches on a cradled wood support, contact
New 6 X 6 birch and silver leaf and resin originals, the Artisans, ByWard Market Ottawa
10 x 10 original maple trees, the Artisans, ByWard Market, Ottawa  $95
24 x 36 Original Wildflowers contact me
24 x 24 original acrylic and high gloss, available at Healthily Ever After, Merrickville
Contact me at
photo 4
Quiet Winter Scene, the Artisans ByWard Market Square
24 x 24 acrylic and high gloss finish, the Artisans, ByWard Market
Wasn’t born to Follow is a 36 x 48 original acrylic on a gallery wood support.
24 x 48 original Acrylic and high gloss clear coat, contact
“Grey Jay gets her Wish” 24 x 24 Mixed Media Original, contact me at

Mary Loos Originals

Joy, frustration, obsession, elation, this is what I experience in the creative process. Music plays an important part too.  I’ve heard listening to music while painting quiets the inner critic so when I feel cautious the volume of what I’m listening to at the time increases. When I’m feeling unsure I play the tried and true favourite tunes and the paint begins to flow.  Sometimes the enthusiasm gets the best of me and song lyrics become part of the art.

Liquid acrylics are what I choose to paint most days add in mixed media, pour in some Art Resin and cross my fingers. It’s a very unfixed approach and the interaction in the mediums spontaneity suits my impulsive style. The base of the paintings is usually a cradled wood panels that have a nice thick profile.  I may make a relief so the painting has sculptural elements. Sometimes I have an idea and see where it takes me, other times I just dive right in and let intuition take over. One thing is for sure, each painting is a unique creation and no two are the same.

I’m almost into the second year of living in to Merrickville Ontario after being posted to Ottawa, Kingston, Trenton, Toronto, London England and Yellowknife NT. We chose the village for it’s location on the Rideau and for the of friendly and creative types the town if known for. I grew up in Gananoque, Ontario just a short drive down the road.  All kinds of artists and artisans live and work in Merrickville. It’s a popular day trip to come and enjoy the village hospitality and many unique shops and refreshments. My artwork can be found in Merrickville at Windsor’s Courtyard 211 St. Lawrence Street, Merrickville. In Ottawa Ontario I’m a member of the Artisans, an artist collective inside the historic  ByWard Market Building located at the  55  ByWard Market Square. In Yellowknife, NT you can find my original paintings at Visual Effects Custom Picture Framing, 4907 48th St, Yellowknife, NT

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