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Lately I’ve been working on three large paintings (24 x 60 inches) with a birch tree theme. Here’s some pictures of a painting in progress. It began outside in the heat wave in the bit of shade I could find. Then I worked away inside listening to some music to help me along.  I thought it may have been complete but decided to create some more interest in the background. Then came a layer of Art Resin for the beautiful glossy finish. The result is brought life to the brown and grey tones and brought it to a happy place.





I had to return to this painting several times before I got to where I really loved it. It’s all atmosphere and you can feel it.  It reflects the weather on the day I finished it and the summer storm rolling in is captured forever.
I’m often asked about how I go about creating the glossy finish on much of my paintings. I use Art Resin. It pours on a UV protectant layer that remain clear over time. A torch comes in handy to release air bubbles. The result is a high gloss finish that brings life to the painting. This series of 6 x 36 inch panels is available at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville, Ontario.


email : mary.paintstrees@gmail.com / ph: 613 285 4748 / Facebook Mary Loos Originals@paintdancesleep / Instagram amillionsuns

New! Purchase paintings from this website! Look for the Paypal option on selected paintings. I also accept e transfers. simply email me at mary.paintstrees@gmail.com with your selection. Look for the pay with PayPal for your selection.

Art work for purchase can be found at Windsor’s Courtyard, 211 St. Lawrence St, Merrickville    www.windsorscourtyard.ca and at The Yellow Canoe Cafe, 108 St. Lawrence St., Merrickville   http://www.theyellowcanoecafe.com and at Visual Effects, 4905 48 Street, Yellowknife,  NT  www.visual-effects.ca







I’m so happy with these new little creations. Each is a one of a kind original work full of colour and life.













Original “Calm before the Storm” Acrylic, silver leaf and Art Resin on an 18 x 36 inch wood support with a painted gallery profile. $450








Two little originals with a big punch of colour! These originals are created by layering mixed media paints, silver foil, ink and multiple layers of art resin on a birch wood support with a 1.5 inch profile painted black for dramatic effect . Art resin is made for use in art work and has UV protectant added. The finish remains clear and glossy.





Draw of the River is 16 x 40 acrylic on canvas. $400




New 6 x 36 tulip paintings are a refreshing burst of colour for your living space. Acrylic and Art Resin on a cradled wood panel. New arrivals at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville, On








8 x 8 Flower Power Painting

This groovy 8 x 8 is fun, colourful and whimsical. It has a beautiful Art Resin finish that brings the colour painting to life. Add a little sparkle of fun to your home or office.












Original Tulip Painting by Mary Loos

A modern floral original 24 x 24 Acrylic and Art Resin on a cradled wood support with a 1.5 inch profile. Sides are painted black. Signed on the front and back and ready to hang and bring joy to your room.







“Paddles Up!” is a new series I’m just getting started on. I love old paddles I think they could become an obsession and great subject for me to explore. This one is 20 x 20 – acrylic on wood




Paddles Up! Painting by Mary Loos Originals

Original Acrylic on a 20 x 20 gallery cradled wood support. This original painting is finished with a glossy topcoat of Art Resin. The profile is 1.5 inches, sides painted black. Paddles Up is signed on the front and back, hanging hardware has been added and it's ready to hang.



New arrival at The Yellow Canoe Cafe in Merrickville Ontario.



This original 12 x 24 “Paddles Up” series painting was a joy to create with acrylic and Art Resin on a cradled wood panel. Available to view and purchase at The Yellow Canoe Cafe in Merrickville. $195






12 x 36 “Paddles Up” series painting

Original acrylic and Art Resin on a cradled wood support with gallery profile (1.5 inch) profile. Sides painted black, finish high gloss. Signed on the back, hanging hardware added.




New! From the “Paddles Up” series this 12 x 24 original acrylic and Art Resin paintings is on a cradled wood panel. It’s available at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville, Ontario. $195





8 x 10 Paddles Up! Acrylic and Art Resin paintings is available at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville




6 x 36 Paddles Up! Original acrylic and Art Resin painting is available at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville. $195




    Original Tulip painting “Renewal” is 6 x 36 Acrylic and Art Resin on wood panel with a 1.5 inch painted profile –
New 6 x 6 tulip originals just arrived at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville Ontario. A bright pop of colour alone or in a grouping. Acrylic and Art Resin on a cradled wood panel. Tulip painting extends around the 1.5 inch profile. Sweet! -sold












Available at Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville, 20 x 20 inches $300










Original Painting “Get Happy” 24 x 24 Acrylic

Floral fantasy original art by Mary Loos- Painting is 24 x 24 Acrylic, Art Resin on cradled Wood Support with 1.5 inch profile. Hardware included, this one of a kind original work is ready to hang and get happy.






“Get Happy” 24 x 24 acrylic and Art Resin on a 24 x 24 cradled wood panel.





New 20 x 20 wildflowers with a retro vibe, acrylic and Art Resin on a cradled wood support,  $300 -contact me at mary.paintstrees@gmail.com



New series of modern landscapes, The Yellow Canoe Cafe, Merrickvi
















An original 24 x 36 acrylic and Art Resin on a gallery sided wood support. The profile is 1.5 inches and the painting is ready to hang in your home adding mystic movement in a floral mosaic.











Day Dream is an original 20 x 20 acrylic and Art Resin painting on a gallery wood support. The profile is 1.5 inches and hanging hardware has been added. Add a little dreamy soft focus floral to your home with this butter and blue palette piece.





Original Acrylic and silver leaf with a glossyArt Resin topcoat on an 18 x 36 wood support with a gallery profile. Available at Windsor’s Courtyard, St. Lawrence St, Merrickvill




Imagine Peace 16 x 20 Original Acrylic and Art Resin $195


Sweet cardinals watching the world from their perch in the birch. 6 x 36 mixed media on a cradled wood support. Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville, Ontario
This cheerful one of a kind original art will add a pop of colour to your home. Three sweet cardinals share a lookout. Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville Ontario (sold)













Grey Jays, 24 x 24 Acrylic and Art Resin, contact mary.paintstrees@gmail.com



This 24 x 24 original was created with silver leaf, acrylics and Art Resin, Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville








This is the place where I talk about myself. It’s not my favourite thing to do so I’ll keep it short and to the point as I’d rather express myself with paint. I’m obsessed with painting and art. It’s been with me since I was a kid and the realization that I do this daily and it’s my job is something I still can’t wrap my head around.  If my “job” ever become work to me then I’ll stop. I look forward to painting daily and if I’m not painting I’m thinking of painting and new things to try.  Keeping life simple and allowing myself the time and space to let the art develop organically is what I strive to do. I rarely have a plan just a vague image or idea in my head I want to explore. I have to gently remind myself from time to time I have the choice to paint whatever I feel in the moment. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. Maybe in my explorations you’ll find a connection to something I’m working on or working out in the paint. Maybe a painting will intuitively speak to you. Making those connections is another wonder I get to experience and it continues to bring me joy.



I’ve had the pleasure of showing my work as part of an artists collective in the ByWard Market for many years and in galleries in Canada including The Carlen Gallery, Ottawa, The Grimm Gallery, Port Carling and The SideStreet Gallery in Wellington, Ontario. I’ve participated in a group show at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario group shows in London, England. I’ve experienced exhibited at the The One of a Kind Show, Exhibition Place, Toronto, The Originals Show in Ottawa and last summer at The West Carleton Art Society’s Art on the Grass Show in Carp, Ontario. I’ve had the privilege of being a commissioned artist at Rideau Hall, Ottawa and an exhibitor at the Iceolation Art Gallery in the Snow King’s Castle in Yellowknife.

Where to find Mary Loos Original Art:

Windsor’s Courtyard, 211 St. Lawrence St., Merrickville

I’m showcased with local artists at The Yellow Canoe Cafe, 108 St. Lawrence St, Merrickville

Visual Effects, Yellowknife, NT



12348075_1013164452069310_8677930480983325323_n   As a member of the Merrickville Artist Guild I look forward to participating in the MAG Studio Tour in the fall. Follow what’s happening with MAG at http://www.mag-artists.ca





7 thoughts on “What’s New? / Contact Info

  1. I was visiting Ottawa for the first time this past weekend and came across your art work. I had to have them! I ended up getting 4 Squares and love them !! I can’t wait to add to my collection ! Thank you thank you !!

  2. Love your bright and cheerful paintings!! I just bought the Geraniums painting at the ByWard Market on Sept. 16th!! I also bought two of the smaller square tree paintings! I have already hung up the Geraniums, it looks amazing! Makes my heart happy! Thank you!

  3. Hi Mary, I am very interested in your Paddles painting once you have any!! I am a paddler from Beach! But teach in Thailand now. I will be home for the summer. Please let me know when they become available. Mari

    1. Hi Mari, that’s awesome! I’m just starting with the paddle themed paintings and I’m so happy you are interested. I paddled for Gananoque and Rideau. I have a few in different sizes and they’ll be up on my website this coming week. When you are back this summer I hope you find one you like- if you see something I post on my webpage and want me to hold it for you I can do that too. What colour did Beach use on their paddles? Thanks for contacting me 🙂

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