Mary Loos Originals

Wood and Water

My artwork is personal in ways sometimes I don’t understand when I’m painting. Like dreams they become clearer with time but maybe not everything is to be fully understood. I see why I’m interested in painting water for many reasons, I grew up on the St. Lawrence River in Gananoque, Ontario. I lived on an island part of the year and water was source of everything, entertainment, isolation, danger, wonder and beauty. It quenched my thirst as a part of the crew at the Gananoque Canoe Club paddling around the islands creating memories and drinking right form the source. I still feel its pull and return each summer to kayak and fill my cup. It’s the longing for the river that’s felt deep in my bones that’s hard to understand. It’s always there.

Why I’m drawn to weathered wood may have something to do with a connection to old boat houses, docks, sheds and relic buildings. How dark and mysterious they appear inside and the possibility of discovery. They seem to have a life of their own, patiently waiting for out the years. I like how light comes through the cracks creating a magical space where time stands still. I like to think about how that happens daily regardless of witnesses.

In my corner of the world I paint most days. I have a studio in my home along the Rideau River in Merrickville, Ontario. I like to keep my life as simple as possible, keep my eyes open to the world around me and mind open to inspiration. The rural landscape, aging barns, old trees, the sky as well as the river never let me down.

Are you ready to add an original piece to your home or collection? I’m pretty easy going so just reach out and contact me for more info by phone/text 613 285 4748 or email

Where to find Mary Loos Original Art:

Fiona Macintyre Design, 330 Main Street E, Merrickville, Ontario (closed for the winter)

Pickle & Myrrh, 110 Main St E Merrickville, Ontario

Visual Effects, http://visual-effects.caYellowknife, NT

MAG (Merrickville Artist Guild member)

Interested in the process and inspiration behind my artwork? Come with me on the creative journey Instagram @amillionsuns and Facebook Mary Loos Originals