Autumn in Yellowknife, NT

I was just thinking about the fact that this is my last autumn in the Northwest Territories. Next summer we’ll pack up the family and head back to Ontario. It’s going to be a bittersweet move. Until then I’m going to try to take it all in. It’s a side effect of being a military spouse, you try not to put off the chance at experiencing something new. The opportunity may not come again. So I’m going to be out looking to the sky again tonight. I want to fill my memory banks with dancing lights.Image 6

Aurora brightens the Yellowknife night sky

Image 2 Image 1 ImageImage 3

I’ve been roaming around at night. It’s not insomnia it the aurora effect. Are they going to show? How cloudy is it? A few evenings ago the sky above Yellowknife looked like it was supporting some wonderful cosmic lava lamp. I saw a vortex of light two nights ago. Incredible. My artwork can’t recreate mother nature’s glory but these whimsical paintings are so much fun to do I can’t help myself.