Cheerful fall paintings


I’ve been working on a small series of 6 x 6 inch paintings. The brightly coloured leaves against the blue sky cheer me up as we move into a darker season here in the north. The daylight hours are dwindling and the clouds have moved in. It’s comforting to have the sun dappled trees hanging around.

falling leaves


A new painting of falling leaves. I’m looking forward to participating in a couple of art shows coming up. The Anonymous Art Show is on at Down to Earth Gallery, Yellowknife from Oct 30 – Nov 1 and Freeze-Up will be happening Nov 15 at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre also in Yellowknife.

Burning through supplies

I’ve had a problem with burning through supplies as far back as I can remember. When I was a kid I’d draw until there wasn’t any paper left. I loved getting my hands on the good stuff. That was my mom’s clean white typing paper. It grabbed the graphite like nothing else. High contrast too, not like newsprint. I still have this problem when I receive a shipment of supplies. I can’t seem to stop reaching for the next canvas and putting something on it.


Small original paintings available at Visual Effects Custom Picture Framing, Yellowknife

Image 14

A fresh new series of little originals are en route to Visual Effects and Down to Earth Gallery in Yellowknife. Northern trees against an aurora filled sky are inspired by the awe I’ve felt standing under the dancing night sky.

Each 6 x 6 inch painting is created on wood with a 1.5 inch profile. I’ve used silver leaf, acrylics and a resin topcoat to create light effects in each one of a kind piece.


I’ve been asked if it is hard to part with my paintings and the answer not simply yes or no. It’s a great feeling if someone really likes the art work and feels a connection to it. I know I’ve come across images that I would love to take home and see everyday and if one of my works stirs something in someone I feel privileged and thankful. Thinking back on a few favourite paintings that have found a home I wonder what makes them stand out. I think it has to do with the process and feeling like they painted themselves. A couple come to mind. These where therapeutic for me at the the time and felt rewarding when I saw the end result.  I’ll freely admit it doesn’t happen all the time and I guess that what makes them more memorable.

There are similarities in all three paintings, a single tree, predominately bright yellows and reds and a little blue and green for contrast. All have the sun’s effects in the light play. Each have found a home and I know where they’ve landed and that’s a nice feeling.

2009-mom 119 IMG_75972009-02 006