Happy to be painting again…

After moving south and to the east across the country, I’m feeling settled enough to be able to paint. It makes me feel at home and gives my brain a little break from all the nagging questions of where to put things away or where did I put things away or why do we have so much stuff anyway? I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of steps that go into the creating art by hand. I love hand made things and the work that’s involved. Each piece is unique and has it’s own character because of the personal touch. From the gesso beginning, the silver leaf underlay, choosing the background colours to allow the aurora to come to life and where to paint the foreground and trees is a labour of love for me. I can let the creative juices flow and just go with it. The resin topcoat can be a finicky step and requires a little organizing and good conditions for humidity and temperature. A little hand sanding may be required after curing and a signature on the back. Here are some  new 6 x 6 inch originals, the first since we’ve moved from amazing Yellowknife NT to beautiful Merrickville On.Image 8Image 5Image 6Image 7

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