Little Originals make lovely presents!

Mary Loos Originals are hand painted, one of a kind creations. I’ve chosen a chunky sided 6 x 6 wood support to begin on and artists grade acrylics to create a limited number of paintings in each new series. Most have a top coat of resin that protects the artwork while bringing added life and brilliance to the artwork.  Each has it’s own personality and is signed, ready to hang and be wrapped up for a beautiful and handmade surprise.

The Little Originals are available at Artisans, 55 ByWard Market Square in Ottawa Ontario and in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories at Visual Effects, 4907 48th St, Yellowknife and Down to Earth Gallery, 5007 Bryson Drive, Old Town, Yellowknife.

Image 1
Queen Anne’s Lace series, fresh greens and white
Image 6
Queen Anne’s lace, Aurora and funky flowers
Image 7
Rustic landscape with Aurora sky
Image 2
New Autumn in Ontario paintings
Image 7
Silver leaf trees featuring northern lights
Image 4
Tulips on faded blue and greens
Image 6
Silver leaf aurora series

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