Music is fuelling the painting party!

Sweet little originals coming to Artisans in the ByWard Market Tuesday. Thank you oh strange winter in Ontario…I’m already thinking of Spring.

OMG it’s Snowing!!!

It’s true! I just saw a snowflake. It’s time to shop for Christmas and I know  just the place to find unique handmade gifts for people on the “good” list.

Artisans inside Ottawa’s Byward Market Square has original art work and art pendants made by Mary Loos Originals as well as hand painted silk scarves, knitwear, one of a kind hats, clothing, and jewelry designs. All made in the Ottawa area by Canadian artisans !

Birchbark and mica pendants, Mary Loos Originals $15
photo 2
Hand Painted Pendants, Mary Loos Originals $15
Sweet Little Original Paintings!
Image 7
Sweet Little Originals Paintings!
photo 3
Sweet Little Original Paintings!

New 8 x 36 gallery canvas

Peaceful landscapes are arriving at Artisans in the ByWard Market this week in my new original acrylic paintings.

8 x 36   $225

photo 1
This natural palette is one of my favourite. It’s calming with subtle drama. I love seeing the silver blue sky meeting the ocher field and the dark contrast of the trees. 8 x 36
photo 2
Proud Canadian 
photo 3
Tree line against a glowing and joyful aurora

Birch Bark Pendants

New birch bark pendants make a unique gift for that someone who has everything. Handmade with natures gifts including mica for a little sparkle. $15  Find them at Artisans, 55 Byward Market, Ottawa
Mica and birch bark pendants. I’m thinking the stamped birch bark looks like a buried treasure map. How cute is that?

Hand Painted Pendants

Sweet little daisies pendants arrive in the market just in time to get stuffed into stockings.  Hand painted art on scrabble tiles, resin glossy coat and a ribbon or hoop to co-ordinate.  $15 each 2/$25


Artshow in a snow castle

I heard the SnowKing on the CBC talking about winter, the SnowKing Festival and having the right attitude to enjoy the cold. I took part in a couple of art shows in the snow castle the last two winters. Thank you SnowKing and crew for the great memories and Down to Earth Gallery for putting on the show. All the best for the season!


Embracing Handmade

photoIt’s time to embrace handmade. I’m saying this to myself because I could use the lesson. I can get hung up on trying to create something picture perfect without drips, dust, specs or spots. In this business for creating art from start to finish, outside a lab or factory but a living breathing studio, it’s next to impossible. I’m slowly realizing it’s the imperfections that help give handmade objects life and signature thumb print. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to learn something I already know. When it comes to pottery I always choose the mug that’s different from the perfect pieces because i find it has the most personality. Okay, time to embrace!

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