Winter quiet inspiration

Winter…contemplative time. What is rising to the surface in my thoughts, yet again? Music and the evocative images they awaken. I come back to Prairie Wind from time to time. Neil Young is one of the reoccurring influencers I can always lean on. For a few years now I’ve thought about that image he sings about of “Just a farmer’s wife hanging laundry in her backyard.” It was included in the song to illustrate the point that some people think is nothing out there on the prairies but they are mistaken. There is more going on than meets the eye. The image is simple and stark but so loaded too. It makes me think of hardships, loneliness, housework, hard work, gender roles, the ever present wind and the beauty in simple tasks and the mostly long gone feeling of curling up under fresh off of the line bedding. So many layers. I hope to finally get to these images in my head on canvas while listening to some tunes.

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