So much of our time and focus pulls us in all directions today. It seems life is speeding along and downtime is becoming more and more rare. I’m attempting to create a focus through my art, a reminder to take a step back and breath. I use what I call a mediative creative approach to the natural world – my source for inspiration. What I’ve encountered that had struck me and stays with me along my journey. A single tree standing blissfully in a far off field along the road, sun dappled trees shimmering in the wind’s song,  wildflower meadows bursting forth with life and awe inspiring aurora filling the icy sky.


I’m a Canadian painter from  small town Gananoque in the heart of the Thousand Islands. Having the pleasure of moving around Ontario, UK and NWT I find myself back in a small town, Merrickville on the historic Rideau River.  It’s a village of artists and charming views and nods to the past all around.

If I’m not actively painting, I’m thinking about it. Sometimes after a uninspired spell with nothing creative going on I think, well, that’s it, I’ll never paint again. Then, something happens and I step into the creative zone and the paintings just happen. These paintings seem to come effortlessly and I like them the most.



Acrylic painter branches out

Mary Loos takes a meditative approach to her work by working with textures and layering in her art

Dana Bowen

Northern News Services

Published Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Artist Mary Loos is known for her ethereal paintings. Using an abundance of colour to depict images of trees and nature, her images appear fantastical. But lately, the artist finds herself branching out.

“I’m taking more time and really developing my artwork to create a more contemplative effect,” she said.

Using acrylic paints, Loos said the subject of her work isn’t changing, but the way she creates them is.

“I’m still planning on painting trees,” she said. “I’m going to be adding layers of texture, text, glazing and poetry and song lyrics. Hopefully, they’ll have a story to tell. It’s up to the individual to interpret it.”

Her luminous paintings often look as if they are from an imaginary world, where the sky is sometimes made of rainbow streaks or the trees a fiery red.

2009-mom 119

I’m a traveller, painter and lover of music. Acrylics are my choice of paint presently and I like to create with mixed media from time to time. After spending years painting with watercolours I’m enjoying the freedom from framing behind glass acrylics allow. I can create a glass like finish by adding a high glass resin as a topcoat on the painted wood supports I use and like this effect, protection and added brilliance to the colours. It would seem my favourite thing to paint are trees in a modern landscape style and that’s what I would describe what I have been working on frequently in the last few years, but I think I’d be hard pressed to choose a single favourite subject matter. I’m drawn to abstracts and portraits and figures. I love street art and pop art. I love art in general and I have a real soft place in my heart for kid’s creations. I had the privilege to put on workshops and teach art to young people. I’ve learned a lot from young people and standing proud behind your efforts. As part of a family that “gets to move around” I’ve learned and grown in my new surroundings. Finding artistic inspiration in the natural world I was happy to make the move to Yellowknife, NT for the last couple of years – a place where natural light effects meet the rugged beauty of the North. The aurora above Yellowknife served as a constant source of amazement and bewilderment. I still enjoy trying to recreate the beautiful dancing night sky in my art work. I’ve been working on trying to capture interesting and changing light effects with metallic paints and silver and gold leaf and it has recently become a bit of an obsession. Another inspirational year was spent soaking up art history in London England and developed a fascination with street art and Camden Market. Cool cutting edge art and design meets Old English tradition and fed my spirit daily. The beautiful and slower pace of Merrickville, Ontario now provides a peaceful place for me to and reflect and paint what I’ve soaked up in different places and still discover the beauty my new surroundings and the creative people who live here. I’m new here but my village home somehow reminds me of my childhood home and of a simpler time of days gone by in of Gananoque, Ontario.

I’m part of an artist collective “Artisans” located in the historic Byward Market in the nation’s capital for 15 years and a new member of the Merrickville Arts Guild (MAG). My art work has exhibited in galleries and shows in Canada and in London, UK . My first big show was at the fine art exhibition at the One of a Kind Show Exhibition Place, Toronto. That lead to taking part in a group show at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg Ontario.  Being an active member of the Artisans collective in the ByWard Market has allowed me the freedom to paint what I like and get first hand reaction to what I’ve been working on. People from all over the world visit the market and my artwork has found homes with with them. I was given the opportunity become a commissioned artist for Rideau Hall, the official residence of Canada’s Governor General in the market. I currently show my work at Visual Effects in Yellowknife and at The Artisans 55  ByWard Market Square in Ottawa and Windsor’s Courtyard 211 St Lawrence St. Merrickville.


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  1. Hi there. I was at the Tree of Peace art sale on Saturday and saw the most beautiful painting by you. It was up on the table, purples, spruce trees, moon…I am just wondering if it is still available or if someone snatched it up! I’m totally in love with it and am hoping that if I tell santa about it he’ll get it for me if its still for sale 😉 Thanks!

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