meditative creating

Here’s a little peek behind the curtain. Each little leaf droplet is created by dripping wax. I do this between gentle colour changes of paint layers. The inked tree and little blackbirds were the first to arrive on the white washed surface. It’s blissful and meditative work as I listen to music and remove each and every wax dropping by hand.

Celebrating Spring with Tulip Originals

To celebrate the end of a long winter and the arrival of warmer days I like to paint a small series of tulips. I have some available at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville and some on their way to Visual Effects in Yellowknife. Pick one for yourself…supply is limited and each one is a unique original.

Handmade and one of a kind

Every Mary Loos painting is handcrafted from start to finish. I prepare the surface, add texture, silver or gold leaf, acrylic paints, inks, or anything that is going to help create a unique art work that can stand on it’s own, literally. The substantial profile looks great hanging on a wall or placed on a shelf. Once the artwork is completed a gloss topcoat is added and left to cure. Once cured I sign each piece and add hardware so it’s ready to hang and bring a smile to your face. My little 6 x 6 inch original paintings capture and reflect the joyful energy I use to create each one. #original #art #paintings #handmade in #Canada




photo 1

Spring Tulips have arrived at Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville


These original paintings may be small in size (8 x 8/ 8 x 10 inches) but they pack a big punch of colour and life. Made to brighten your day, each is a unique expression of the joy of renewal and awakening that is spring. Available at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville.

Tickled Pink

I’m enjoying the new florals and abstracts so much I’m sure there are more to come. They are all fun and frolic to make and all the more sweet because of the journey it took to get to this point. I’ve been experimenting with resin techniques for many years. I’ve learned it all the only way I know how, by making mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Now I can add mixed media to the resin and work oils, foils, acrylics, ink and have some success along the way.





Merrickville Winter Makers Market had a wonderful beginning. Well done!

Plan A- Side B

I’ve been searching for that extra something that helps push me in the right direction. Creating something unique and new has been challenging me lately and thinking about it is taking up way too much head space. Well, today is my lucky day. I found one of my all time favourites at Vinyl Destination in Merrickville. If listening to this doesn’t help me find my way then nothing will.


Little Aurora Paintings

I’ve been painting away on a new little grouping of northern landscapes. I hope to have them ready to show soon. A small grouping of tree paintings and the new maple leaf design are en route to Yellowknife. They should be arriving at Visual Effects in a few days.

Autumn in Ontario paintings

Glorious Fall colours against that silvery blue sky. It’s the favourite time of year for many including myself. I’m trying to catch that dreamy quality above and the shock of colour below. It’s fleeting though so get out and enjoy!

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