One day my prints will come…

I’m hoping to feature some small 6 x 6 prints of my original paintings at the Artisan ByWard Market shop starting Monday October 26 2017.  With the help of COBA Studios & Print Shop in Merrickville Ontario I’ve selected a few favourite pieces to add to my collection. The print is fixed onto a primed wood support and I’ve applied a topcoat of Art Resin by hand. Below are pictures of original paintings selected for the small print runs. Each will be ready to hang and priced at $35.

Merrickville’s Living Spaces Makers Market is this Saturday, October 7th!



Merrickville’s Makers Market are filled with so much innovation, creativity and fun. Living Spaces is sure to delight you with a large variety of treasures designed to add a that certain something to your home. I’m going to be there along with original paintings taking in this wonderland of rooms. Hope you can make it!

ArtResin pour and topcoat

I’m using ArtResin to create the background for a painting. No VOCs in ArtResin!
Add equal parts of ArtResin and Hardener




For this project I separated my clear resin into four individual containers adding a different tint of acrylic paint to each one. After stirring to combine the ArtResin and paint I then combined all four tinted ArtResin mixes into one container. I then flipped the container onto my prepared wood support. This “Flip cup” created some lovely cells and interest to the resin/paint mix. Once the wood support and sides were covered by the pour I used a torch to remove any air bubbles.
Once the background was cured painted a cheerful mix of #Canada150 tulips and varied orange to pop against the blue background.
One more pour of #ArtResin was all it needed to bring the painting to life, deepen the colour and add a layer of glossy protection.


On the bright side…

The days are longer and the snow is gone. Time to get the flip flops out and soak in some vitamin D. Cheers to what feels like an endless summer! New originals arriving in the ByWard Market tomorrow, Easter Monday.

Sweet spring originals

Queen Anne’s Lace, daisies and friends are happy little pops of colour to lift your spirits. Arriving soon to the Artisan shop in the ByWard Market and to Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville. These 6 x 6 originals would made a lovely Mother’s Day gift…