Small Originals

Below are images of small originals.  Each work is a uniquely handprinted piece. It may be the only one of it’s kind or part of a small series. These  6 x 6 inch paintings are carefully finished with an Art Resin topcoat that creates an eye catching smooth and glossy contemporary look.

New! Vibrant and etherial are words I’d use to describe the latest addition of small originals created with inks and Art Resin. Look for more in this series at the MAG tour happening in Merrickville, Ontario Sept 22/23 & 29/30 2018 



Queen Anne’s Lace is an essential summer subject for me. It brings me back to childhood and the sound of cicadas. This limited series can be found at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville.



Wild for Wildflowers. This little series is a special hybrid of acrylics and inks created on a base of silver leaf. Art Resin protects finishes the work off and adds protection from UV light. See them at Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville, Ontario.














Since living in Yellowknife and seeing the Aurora first hand I knew they’d become a something I would try to capture. I have a few in Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville, ON and in Visual Effects in Yellowknife, NT available. 









































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