Small Originals

5 x 5 small originals

Moon Series

Over sized moon original 5 x 5 paintings are currently being featured in Pickle & Myrrh”s Merrickville lunar themed artisan gift box : Sweet Dreams & Moonbeams!





Cozy all the way
5 x 5 original moon paintings with a natural finish make heartwarming gifts to yourself or someone special! Give the gift of original art!




5 x 7’s New rustic series


This new rustic series is all about warm memories on a cold moonlit night. Featuring cozy homes, vintage barns and lovely old boat houses. These are 5 x 7 original paintings with a natural finish. $65


5 x 7 Rustic barn is so pretty under the oversized moon



I love the cheerful mustardy yellow barn standing out against the night sky- Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville
Rustic details in the barn wood and simple linear foreground makes an interesting compositing in contrast.



Moonlit trees are so simple and tranquil, Windsor’s Courtyard, Merrickville


Love old boat houses, even more under the moon. This one has a Gananonque inspiration.






Below are images of small originals.  Each work is a uniquely hand painted piece. It may be the only one of it’s kind or part of a small series. These 6 x 6 inch paintings are carefully finished with an Art Resin topcoat that creates an eye catching smooth and glossy contemporary look.

























































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