projects using Art Resin


Use equal parts of ArtResin and hardener
For this project I separated my clear resin into five individual containers adding a different tint of acrylic paint to each one. After stirring to combine the ArtResin and paint I then combined the tinted ArtResin into one container and flipped it onto my prepared wood support. This “Flip cup” created some lovely cells and interest to the resin/paint mix. Once the wood support and sides were covered by the pour I used a torch to remove any air bubbles.
Once the ArtResin had cured I painted a cheerful mix of Canada150  and some varied orange tulips to pop against the blue sky.
This is the painting with a gloss clear coat of ArtResin…but I’m not done yet.
With a little deepening of the tulip colour and added leafy details the painting came together. One more coat of ArtResin for a smooth glossy finish and my project is complete.
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