Simply tranquil

photo 1
Original acrylic and resin on a 24 x 24 cradled wood support


This new painting brings back the serene feeling of standing under the aurora on a still evening and listening to see if you can actually hear the dancing lights in the sky.

Artshow in a snow castle

I heard the SnowKing on the CBC talking about winter, the SnowKing Festival and having the right attitude to enjoy the cold. I took part in a couple of art shows in the snow castle the last two winters. Thank you SnowKing and crew for the great memories and Down to Earth Gallery for putting on the show. All the best for the season!


work in progress

Image This is something new I’m currently working on. I’m not sure how much more I’ll do…I want to keep it fresh and it has nice contrast in the dark shadowy areas. The area in the background needs some love though. It’s a rock, or it’s going to become one. Yellowknife has plenty of rock, so much so that I was kind of taken aback when we first landed here. Now, my view point has changed. Climbing the rocks will be one of the things I’ll miss about living in Yellowknife.

Scenes from the North

I wanted to share some of the photos I’ve taken over the last year or so since we’ve moved to Yellowknife. I’m picking out some that are unique to the north and make this such an interesting and wonderful place to live.

Fireweed and the forest fire smoke
Fireweed and the forest fire smoke
Intense sunsets over Frame   Lake
Intense sunsets over Frame Lake
Sundog! You know its cold when there is a halo around the sun.
Sundog! You know its cold when there is a halo around the sun.

Aurora paintings

I walked out on the lake on New Year’s Eve to find myself standing under a vivid aurora. It made me feel very fortunate, peaceful and inspired. The painting began the next day and six small originals (6 x 6 inches) and have been completed displaying lots of light play and resined with a high gloss topcoat and delivered to Down to Earth Gallery and Visual Effects.